Rules for publication in “Studi Storici”

Articles, written in Word (maximum length 85,000 characters, notes and spaces included), should be sent to and accompanied by an abstract in English of approximately 800 characters..
Authors are also required to send a declaration in which they assure compliance with the following principles:
– the article is the original result of the author’s research and studies and does not reproduce, even partially, other writings already published by him. If the article develops themes addressed by the author in previous publications, this must be stated in one of the bibliographic notes;
– at the time of submission to “Studi Storici”, the article is not under examination by other journals;
– the article will not be submitted to other journals until “Studi Storici” has communicated the outcome of the reviewing process to the author.
– only after eventual publication in “Studi Storici” can the article be used by the author in other publications (conference proceedings, miscellaneous volumes, monographs, etc.).
Authors are required to reference the article published in the journal in the event of subsequent publications of the same work.