L’eccidio di Roccagorga e la «settimana rossa»: Gramsci, il «sovversivismo» e il fascismo

ANNO 57 2016
Fabio Frosini

The Roccagorga Massacre and the «Red Week»: Gramsci, «sovversivismo » and Fascism

The Roccagorga massacre (January 1913) and the «Red Week» (June 1914) are two episodes to which Gramsci refers several times in his Prison Notebooks and in various articles published between 1916 and 1926. I shall argue that these are very precise references to the harsh debate which took place in Italy in the wake of these two episodes, involving the director of the PSI newspaper and the leader of the party’s left wing, Benito Mussolini, the main representatives of the party, and several Italian politicians, writers and intellectuals. Mussolini drew a close connection between Roccagorga and the «Red Week», against and beyond the Socialist party’s official line,

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