Aldo Moro, Antonio Segni e il centro-sinistra

ANNO 54 2013
Salvatore Mura

Antonio Segni and the «centro-sinistra»
The Historiography has stressed above all the points of contrast between Aldo Moro and Antonio Segni, reinforcing the image of two alternative politicians. Nevertheless, during the years of the centro-sinistra (centre-left government), meetings were more than a few, and were highly relevant. These convergences strongly influenced the choices of the Democrazia Cristiana, the duration of some governments and the presidential election. This paper proposes the hypothesis that the relationship between Moro and Segni profoundly influenced the opening on the left and the outcome of the experience of the centro-sinistra even before the events of the summer of 1964. Here the author attempts to prove this hypothesis, dwelling in particular on six moments: the election of Moro as secretary of the DC; the fall of the second Segni government; the attempt to form the third Segni government; the election of Segni as president of the Republic; the formation of the first Moro government; and lastly, its fall. This is not to belittle the importance of the events that took place in July and August of 1964, but this essay would like to point out that the experiment of the centro-sinistra starting in the early days of that summer was particularly fragile. Its fate had been, if not permanently marked by, then strongly bound to the new political, economic and international context.

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