Ancora su Giuliano Procacci «modernista»

ANNO 51 2010
Elena Fasano Guarini

Procacci’s studies on the Modern Age
In this contribution the author partially revises her readings, presented on previous occasions, of Giuliano Procacci’s works on early modern history. She identifies as a specific feature of Procacci’s scholarly profile the co-existence of a two-pronged interest: on the one hand (especially at the beginning of his career) towards Italy and Europe in early modern times, and, on the other – and with the passage of time, this becomes prevalent – towards contemporary history. As concerns Procacci the «modernist», the author examines his works on Machiavelli and the first part of his Storia degli italiani; in the overall development of the latter, she underscores Procacci’s attention to the long term historical processes which characterise the life of nations.

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