Spriano nella «battaglia delle idee»: il «contemporaneo» e l’istituto Gramsci

ANNO 54 2013
Albertina Vittoria

In the «battle of ideas»: «Il Contemporaneo» and Istituto Gramsci
Albertina Vittoria analyzes Paolo Spriano’s political involvement in newspapers, magazines, and the cultural organizations of the Italian Communist Party (PCI). In particular, she analyzes his collaboration with the weekly publication «Il Contemporaneo», his participation in the cultural committee of the PCI, and his activity in the brief period during which he was director of Istituto Gramsci (1980). For Spriano, his political involvement was not achieved exclusively through participation in the PCI’s initiatives and organizations, but above all through his own research and studies on Gramsci, the PCI and the international communist movement, and their spread through numerous articles and presentations.

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