Berlin lettore di Marx. Pluralismo dei valori e natura umana

ANNO 52 2011
Alessandro Della Casa

Berlin as Marx’s Reader. Value Pluralism and Human Nature
The aim of this essay is to analyze the evolution of the Berlinian interpretation of Karl Marx’s philosophy. In his early Karl Marx. His Life and Environment (1939), Berlin, despite his opposition to the Russian Revolution, actually showed a sympathetic stance towards Marx’s philosophy. Berlin shared with Marx a denial of a universal and eternal shape of human nature, as well as anti-monistic tendencies. Berlin thus shows the discontinuity between Marx’s thought and Marxism. Nevertheless, beginning from his short visit to Russia in 1945, Berlin’s interpretation of Marx undergoes a change. After that time, Marx appears to Berlin as the major proponent of Western «philosophia perennis» and as the «great monster» embodying all the features of Soviet totalitarianism.

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