Biagio Pace e la Sicilia antica

ANNO 53 2012
Pietro Giammellaro

Biagio Pace and ancient Sicily
Of Italian archaeologists in the first half of the 20th century – as complex and varied as this group is – Biagio Pace holds a unique place: despite being an active member of the Fascist Party, his personality and his work as a historian cannot be seen merely as the historiography of a regime. Through analysis of his intellectual biography and his archaeological studies, it is possible to reconstruct the special features of Pace’s activity as a scholar as well as a politician; the first part of this paper focuses on Pace’s academic and political career; the second part is devoted to a detailed analysis of his main work, Arte e Civiltà della Sicilia antica (Art and civilization of ancient Sicily), in which Pace examines – with an ideologically marked approach – the pre- and proto-historical cultures, the indigenous peoples, the Greek and Phoenician colonization, and Roman settlement in ancient Sicily.

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