«Crisi organica» e Palestina. Un lettura gramsciana

ANNO 53 2012
Delia Salemi

«Organic crisis» and Palestine. A Gramscian reading
The Applying a Gramscian approach to Palestine’s socio-political context, with particular reference to the notions of historical block and organic crisis, this article provides an interpretation of the political and social crisis that has stalled the Palestinian issue, and of the weakening of the Palestinian national movement, whose historical arc has been reconstructed. Following this approach, the national movement’s internal dynamics will be examined in particular, leaving external dynamics – which have, however, influenced and will necessarily affect its transformation, effectiveness and practicability – in the background. The discussion argues that, beginning with the end of the first Intifada and with the start of the peace agreements and the establishment of an effective political/temporal power, the movement for the Palestinian people’s self-determination has embarked on a phase of irreversible decline, marked by a disconnection between the ruling class and the claims it aims to promote, with a consequent loss of consensus and representativeness of the people’s will. This disintegration of the Palestinian national movement thus leads us to recognize an organic crisis in the current situation, just as in Gramsci’s view.


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