Dalla guerriglia a un governo democratico in Uruguay. Come i Tupamaros sono arrivati al potere

ANNO 53 2012
José Manuel Azcona, Matteo Re

From guerrilla movement to democratic government in Uruguay. How the Tupamaros came to power
This Over the last two years, Uruguay has offered up one of world’s most peculiar political examples. Since March 1st 2010, this country has been led by José «Pepe» Mujica, leader of the left wing of the coalition called Frente Amplio. In the past, he was an important member of Movimiento de Liberación Nacional-Tupamaros, an armed organization that carried out attacks from the mid-sixties almost up to the arrival of the military dictatorship in 1973. This paper will analyze the process of democratization of the Tupamaros after the dictatorship ended, and its rise to power.

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