Don Giuseppe De Luca fra «L’interventismo della cultura» e «In partibus infidelium»

ANNO 56 2015
Giuseppe Vacca

Don Giuseppe De Luca between “L’interventismo della cultura” and “In partibus infidelium”

The methodology of cultural history penetrates throughout Luisa Mangoni’s research on twentieth-century Italy and Europe; the figure and work of Don Giuseppe De Luca were the essential standard of comparison. From this vantage point, her In partibus infidelium. Don Giuseppe De luca: il mondo cattolico e la cultura italiana del Novecento (Einaudi, 1989) appears to be a periodizing book: the initial categorization of the history of intellectuals, centred upon the connections between the State and civil society, approaches the concept of the “civilization of crisis” that embraces a century of European history (from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries). This concept defines a specific temporality for the history of culture, of particular effect for investigating the events and the cultural “exchanges” between liberal Italy, fascist Italy, and republican Italy.

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