Giorgio Ferigo, uno storico fuori dall’accademia

ANNO 54 2013
Ottavia Niccoli, Alessandro Pastore, Andrea Zannini
OPINIONI E DIBATTITI. Dalla rivolta antispagnola a un sogno di libertà

Giorgio Ferigo, a historian outside academia
Giorgio Ferigo (1949-2007) was not a professional historian: he was a socially engaged physician and musician. Nevertheless he produced excellent essays on the demographic, cultural, religious, and social history of the mountainous region of Carnia in northeastern Italy. When they appeared in the mid-1980s, his first essays on these themes (now collected in Le cifre, le anime. Scritti di storia della popolazione e della mobilità in Carnia, ed. C. Lorenzini, Udine, Forum, 2010, and Morbida facta pecus… Scritti di antropologia storica della Carnia, ed. C. Lorenzini, Udine, Forum, 2012) marked a turning point in the investigations provided by local and general historians on this topic. They basically considered the demographic history of the alpine communities through a qualitative approach, linking social, economic and cultural issues very closely together. Ferigo also studied the heterodox groups that inhabited the Carnia during the late sixteenth century, the forms of literacy, especially in relation to migratory practices, and the region’s economic activities (weaving, woodworking). Giorgio Ferigo’s approach is strongly associated with an anthropological perspective and particular attention to local circumstances, but in a much more general framework.

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