Giuliano Procacci e la storia contemporanea in Italia come disciplina (1952-1966)

ANNO 51 2010
David Bidussa

Giuliano Procacci and the making of Contemporary History as a discipline in Italy (1952-1966)
The development of contemporary historiography in Italy after World War II was a consequence of two different elements: a) the formation of documentary centre on the history of social and political movements in the modern and contemporary ages; b) and the making of a generation of historians, devoted to early modern history and involved in methodological and intellectual history in the social sciences. Giuliano Procacci was a typical representative of both these elements. His work as scientific director at Istituto Giangiacomo Feltrinelli in 1956-1962 was to widen his sphere of historical research. The organisation ofIstituto Giangiacomo Feltrinelli as an international historical centre devoted to economic and social history, under his scientific management, marked the beginning of Contemporary History in Italian historiography.

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