Gli appunti di Imre Nagy a Snagov (1956-1957)

ANNO 52 2011
Massimo Congiu

Imre Nagy’s notes in Snagov (1956-1957)
Snagovi jegyzetek, the «Notes from Snagov» by Imre Nagy, the symbolic figure in the 1956 insurrection, are neither memorial nor political testament, but a study of the uprising’s causes, its particular features, and its repression. Imre Nagy rejects the charge of counter-revolution made against him by the regime, and asserts the revolutionary nature of the events that occurred in Hungary between October and November 1956, when he was Prime Minister. He defends the political reforms that he carried out in the period of his first premiership (1953-1955), and explains his point of view on the most important topics that marked the insurrection: the achievement of political pluralism in Hungary, the declaration of neutrality, and Soviet military intervention in the country. The study was written in Snagov (Romania) between late November 1956 and mid-March 1957.

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