Gli esordi di Gramsci al «Grido del popolo» e all’«Avanti!» (1915-1916)

ANNO 55 2014
Maria Luisa Righi

Gramsci’s beginnings at «Il Grido del Popolo» and «Avanti!» (1915-1916)
This paper reconstructs Antonio Gramsci’s early forays into journalism for the Socialist weekly «Il Grido del Popolo» and on the editorial team for the Turin page of the daily «Avanti!» between late 1915 and May 1916. It outlines the political and cultural profiles of the other journalists with whom Gramsci worked, and pays particular attention to Giuseppe Bianchi, who directed both «Il Grido del Popolo» and «Avanti!» during the period examined. Based on this examination, the paper proposes that the paternity of some of the articles previously thought to be Gramsci’s should no longer be recognized, while others should now be attributed to him. The appendix presents Barbonite, an article published anonymously in «Il Grido del Popolo» in January 1916, in which the author, presumed to be Gramsci, confesses he has overcome his former interventionist stance.

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