Gramsci a Mosca tra amori e politica (1922-1923)

ANNO 52 2011
Maria Luisa Righi

Gramsci in Moscow: between love and politics (1922-23)
As a delegate of the Communist Party of Italy (Pcd’I) to the Comintern Executive, Gramsci lived in Moscow from June 1922 to the end of November 1923.
He was admitted to the Serebranij Bor sanatorium in the summer of 1922 and there met Eugenia (Evgenija) Schucht, and in September of that year her sister Julia (Jul’ka). It has always been thought that the letters from this period beginning «Dear comrade» and «My dearest» were addressed to the sister who became his wife. However, through a more attentive examination of the texts and of how the documents have come down to us, there is good reason to think that the love letters of the early months of 1923 were in fact sent to Eugenia, and that Gramsci’s romantic relationship with Julia may actually be dated with certainty only to the autumn of 1923. In support of this thesis, the article reconstructs Gramsci’s human and political biography during the period he spent in Soviet Russia.

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