«Idee come fatti». Didattica e ricerca nelle lezioni sul fascismo di Luisa Mangoni

ANNO 56 2015
Laura Cerasi

“Ideas as Facts”. Didactics and Research in Luisa Mangoni’s Lectures on Fascism

This essay focuses on a course on Fascism, culture and the Catholic Church held by Luisa Mangoni at Venice’s Ca’ Foscari University in 1984-85, and attended by the author. It aims to provide insight on the unique way of combining research experience and teaching methods that Mangoni practiced in her lectures, by identifying some of the topics she dealt with, and finding their sources in her research, published or still unpublished at the time (from L’interventismo della cultura to Una crisi fine secolo, and beyond), alongside fresh material and original comments delivered during classes. This characteristic combination allows Mangoni’s own conception of the history of culture to be discerned, intertwined as it was with a still unreleased profile of Italian fascism, whose features are suggested in the final paragraphs.

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