Identità eurocomunista: la traiettoria del Pce negli anni Settanta

ANNO 51 2010
Michelangela Di Giacomo

Euro-communist identity: the PCE’s evolution during the 1970’s
Between 1968 and the late 1970’s, the communist parties of Italy, France, and Spain converged in an attempt to redefine certain features of their own identity, adapting their function to a changed society. Due to its size and precarious structure, the Spanish Communist Party (PCE) was often dismissed by studies to a marginal role, though at times it had expressed itself more forcefully than other political partnerships interested in the Euro-communist strategy. This article retrace the path to Euro-communism, propose a new organization in periods, and describe the PCE’s evolution from a typically Third-Internationalist position to one embracing Soviet and other European partnerships (in particular the Italian Communist Party), as it welcomed Italy’s appreciation for democracy and the national road to socialism as positive values.

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