Il British national party e l’ideologia neofascista nell’Europa contemporanea

ANNO 52 2011
Andrea Mammone

The British National Party and neofascist ideology in contemporary Europe

This article analyzes the «new English fascism»: notably the British National Party and its ideology. It essentially calls for a long term historical analysis. In so doing, it argues that this party is heir to a specific, old British (and European) «tradition». While much of the recent academic literature in the social sciences considers this type of movement as a «populist» phenomenon quite different from the «old», extreme right, this essay argues that the party is characterized by (neo)fascist doctrinal influences. In sum, readers will note how it is the «past» that influences «present times» for English right-wing extrem ists. The article also highlights a party’s political imagination that rejects all egalitarian principles, and promotes nationalistic myths, defence of tradition, and «purity» of race.


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