Il quaderno di Girolamo Li Causi sul capitale finanziario italiano

ANNO 52 2011
Massimo Asta

Li Causi’s notebook on Italian financial capital
The essay is a critique and philological comment on the unpublished notebook written by Girolamo Li Causi during his confinement on Ventotene between March and April 1942, on the development of Italian financial capital. Li Causi’s economic thought is reconstructed in light of the biographical path and the evolution of economic debate within the PCI during fascism. The notebook’s analysis starts with a study of the upheavals produced in the Italian economy beginning with the crisis of 1929, and focuses on the evolution of IRI and the Bastogi group with particular attention to relations between the State and «monopolies », and to the problems of rebuilding the European economy and of the Italian postwar crisis. Indicative of the thought of the communist leadership in confinement, Li Causi’s work makes it possible to specify the weight of catastrophism and the concept of structural reforms in the PCI’s culture in the 1940s.

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