Il testamento di Bernabò Visconti. Le ultime volontà di un signore del Trecento, fra pubblico e privato

ANNO 64 2023
Andrea Gamberini, pp. 5-20

The Will of Bernabò Visconti. The Testament of a 14th-Century Lord, between Public and Private

The discovery of Bernabò Visconti’s last will is not news to be confined among the erudite notices cherished by antiquarian enthusiasts. It concerns, in fact, of an extraordinary historical source, useful not only for reconstructing the geography of Visconti power, and the circle of lordly officials, but also the institutional role assigned to Bernabò’s kinship. On top of that, no less telling are the formal aspects of the document, which has more than one borrowing from the lord’s decrees and which reveals Bernabò’s own mixture of public and private.

Keywords:  Bernabò Visconti, State building process, Medieval Lombardy, Testaments.

Parole chiave: Bernabò Visconti, Processi di costruzione statale, Lombardia medievale, Testamenti.

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