Istanze religiose e progettualità politica nella Napoli angioina. Il monastero di S. Chiara

ANNO 54 2013
Rosalba Di Meglio

Religious policies and political planning in angevin Naples. The Santa Chiara monastery
The Santa Chiara monastic complex may be considered the symbol of the intertwining between religious policies and aspirations as well as the political planning achieved in Naples in the first half of the fourteenth century. Robert of Anjou and his wife, Sancia of Majorca, conceived the church as a unitary structure, as a presentation and a symbolic transfer of the court within a sacral space and, at the same time, as a celebration of the monarchy’s role. Furthermore, King Robert’s desire to create a distinctive religious symbol of the city’s image and urban space resulted in a building that stood out from all other churches for its imposing size. Queen Sancia, for her part, was most involved in regulating the female monastic community.

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