La seconda vita di una madre. Le Madri della plaza de Mayo e la cultura della memoria

ANNO 52 2011
Elena Zapponi

A mother’s second life. The Madres de Plaza de Mayo and the culture of memory 
This essay analyzes the contemporary culture of memory in Buenos Aires. The development of this culture since the democratic transition – and since Nestor Kirchner’s turn in government in particular – is investigated. Data come from field-work research during the period of Cristina Kirchner’s election victory in 2007. The official explanation of the duty to remember in order to re-establish the nation’s democratic basis is shown through an analysis of Buenos Aires’s urban landscape, and the building of such places of memo ry as the Museum of Memory and the Park of Memory, coinciding respectively with Nestor Kirchner’s first election, and with Cristina Kirchner’s election. The analysis of contem porary collective sensibility about the past dictatorship introduces an interview with a Madre de Plaza de Mayo, suggesting the task of watching over memory, and of coping with its current multiple interpretations.

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