Palmiro Togliatti, La situazione economica e politica del regime fascista. Un inedito del 1938

ANNO 52 2011
Francesco M. Biscione, (a cura di)

Palmiro Togliatti, The economic and political situation of the Fascist regime. An unpublished report from 1938
The article reproduces a report that Palmiro Togliatti (Ercoli) submitted to a meeting (Moscow, summer 1938) of the leaders of the Communist International. The document comes from the Comintern Archives, and is published here for the first time. The report focused on the latest phase of Italian policy, i.e. the autarchic plan in the economy and strengthening the alliance with the Third Reich (Spanish Civil War, etc.), both signalling a «Fascist» war in the near future. Togliatti observed that in Italy, the alliance was causing the Nazification of the Fascist regime, and forecast the split between two tendencies in the Fascist Party: against or in favour of Germany. He supported extending the «popular front» – the policy of the communists and other antifascist movements – to the Catholics and those Fascists who intended to revolt against Hitler.

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