La Società antischiavista d’Italia (1888-1937)

ANNO 53 2012
Lorenzo Ettorre

«Confidential» or «secret» archival sources for the history of Republican Italy: between norms and practise
This research focuses on the affairs of the Italian Anti-Slavery Society during the
years of its activity. It was founded in 1888 with the purpose of freeing Africans from harsh conditions of slavery, and it remained in continuous operation for about fifty years, until 1937. The Anti-Slavery campaign was launched in Europe by the Cardinal Lavigerie. In accordance with its philanthropic and humanitarian nature, in all the States it brought political awareness of the colonial expansion to sectors of public opinion that would otherwise have been ideologically hostile. In the particular case of Italy, the Anti-Slavery Society brought the Italian State and the Catholic Church together, contributing to their rapprochement on the colonial issue.

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