Le relazioni franco-spagnole nei primi anni della Restaurazione (1815-1819). Una retrospettiva sull’egemonia francese nell’Europa del XIX secolo

ANNO 64 2023
Viviana Mellone, pp. 167-198

Franco-Spanish Relations in the Early Years of the Restoration (1815-1819). A Retrospective on French Hegemony in Nineteenth-Century Europe

This article aims at investigating Franco-Spanish relations in the early years of the Restoration as the testing ground for the influential French role in managing political crises in Europe and the Mediterranean in the decades that followed. The article will start by focusing on marriage policies to ensure Bourbons would remain on both thrones, the first factor Louis XVIII paid attention to in strengthening the Franco-Spanish alliance. Then, the divergent French and Spanish policies concerning political criminals will be explored as a concrete field of experience in the French perspective: such policies made the French government conscious of the Spanish reactionary regime and stimulated French intervention in Spanish domestic policies. Lastly, French diplomatic mediation in the Spanish American colonial crisis will be analysed. The research draws upon the diplomatic correspondence at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archives at Paris-La Courneuve.

Keywords:  Franco-Spanish relations, European post-Napoleonic order, Marriage policies, Spanish American colonial crisis, Security studies.

Parole chiave: Relazioni franco-spagnole, Ordine europeo post-napoleonico, Politiche matrimoniali, Crisi coloniale ispano-americana, Studi sulla sicurezza.

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