Le riforme carlo-albertine del 1840 e la formazione matematica degli agrimensori e degli architetti all’Università di Cagliari

ANNO 54 2013
Roberto Scoth

The 1840 reforms by Charles Albert and the mathematics edu-cation of land surveyors and architects at the University of Cagliari
At the end of the short phase of reform policies that King Charles Emmanuel III had ordered in 1764, the University of Cagliari entered a long period of stagnation. At the beginning of the 19th century, in the climate of difficulties caused by the French invasion of Piedmont and the flight of the Savoy family to Sardinia, the crisis of the university reached its zenith. In this phase, the teaching of mathematical subjects was greatly neglected. It was not until 1840, under King Charles Albert, that the study of the exact sciences was re-started on the basis of a model that attempted to combine university teaching and the theoretical and practical training of architects and land surveyors. This article is on the reforms of 1840 and, more generally, the teaching of the exact sciences at the University of Cagliari in the years 1840-1860.

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