L’epistolario del carcere di Antonio Gramsci

ANNO 52 2011
Chiara Daniele

Antonio Gramsci’s Correspondence During His Prison Years
When reference is made to Antonio Gramsci’s letters, what comes to mind are his letters from prison, which introduced Gramsci into the European culture and the history of Italian politics.
Gramsci’s correspondence – soon to be published in the national edition of his complete works – is a far richer and complex body of texts than the sole letters from prison.
It consists of three groups of letters: those written by him, those written to him, and the so-called related letters, associated with the first two groups.
The research conducted in recent years for the national edition has brought to light a large amount of letters and writings, thanks mostly to the cooperation of the Gramsci family.
Through the analysis of Gramci’s letters, the correspondence of members of the Italian Communist Party, and documents from the Comintern and the Russian Government, the essay reconstructs, to the extent possible, the facts of Gramsci’s incarceration, and the intricate mesh of relationships and conflicts around the prisoner from 1926 to 1937.

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