L’«Evasion» del dottor Lacambre. Frammenti tra il 1848 e la Comune

ANNO 51 2010
Innocenzo Cervelli

Dr Lacambre’s «Evasion». Fragments between 1848 and the Paris Commune
Cirylle Lacambre’s pamphlet Evasion des prisons du conseil de guerre. Episode de juin 1848 (1865); the third part of Gustave Flaubert’s novel L’éducation sentimentale (1869); George Sand’s preface to the play Cadio (1868); and Chapter XI of Jules Vallès’ work L’Insurgé are studied as examples of how the days of June 1848 are remembered, during the final years of the Second French Empire, in their conceptual connection to the Paris Commune.

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