Liturgie immaginate: Giacomo Boni e la romanità fascista

ANNO 53 2012
Paola S. Salvatori

Imagined liturgies: Giacomo Boni and the Fascist myth of Romanity
A few weeks after the March on Rome, the fasces were chosen as a distinctive icon
of the new political course. Called upon to reconstruct the ancient symbol was the
great archaeologist Giacomo Boni, who had always combined intellect in the most
advanced techniques of archaeology and restoration with the almost sacral concept of his mission to commemorate Romanity. Although Boni only saw the beginning of the Fascist Ventennio, he was early to understand the symbolic and liturgical features related to ancient Rome that were to play a primary role in elaborating the Fascist cult of Romanity and its rituals. Boni imagined for the new regime a series of liturgies and rites that were to have important echoes in the propaganda of the following years.

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