Lo storico e il suo editore. Ritratto con lettere dello Spriano di Einaudi

ANNO 54 2013
Marco Albeltaro

The historian and his publisher. Portrait with letters of Einaudi’s Spriano
This paper examines the relationship between Paolo Spriano and the Einaudi publishing house, within the wider framework of the relations between the PCI and Italian culture after World War II. Through numerous unpublished letters, it follows the gestation of Spriano’s most important books, as well as his relationships with editors and with Giulio Einaudi himself. The result is a rich and complex tapestry with a host of intellectual, academic, political and personal events, in the remarkably stimulating community that the Einaudi publishing house was able to be in the Italian postwar period, especially as it became an ideal political community attracting the participation of the time’s leading intellectuals.

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