Marisa Mangoni: una riflessione sulla sua storiografia

ANNO 56 2015
Giovanni Miccoli

Marisa Mangoni: A Reflection on Her Historiography

In the broad scope of Marisa Mangoni’s research on contemporary history, the author highlights the presence of some tendencies and concerns that accompany her work, and that together gradually inspire and urge important changes in how the theme being dealt with is constructed and presented. Within the setting of a contemporary Italian historiography deeply subordinated to prevailing political orientations and therefore conditioned by the demands of political battles and propaganda, Marisa Mangoni, in her work as actually carried out, proposes and claims the full autonomy of historical research as an essential condition for arriving at real knowledge of the past, unfettered by the likes and dislikes of both the researcher and those he or she works for. The increasingly analytic nature of her writing also responds to this need and this perspective.

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