Note sulle vicende di un gruppo di giovani «spirituali» italiani negli anni Venti del Novecento

ANNO 52 2011
Ottavia Niccoli, Koinonia

Some notes on a group of young Italian «spirituali» during the 1920s
Following a brief discussion of the key figure of Ernesto Buonaiuti (1881-1946) within early twentieth-century «modernism», this article deals with the network of Buonaiuti’s friends and students who played a crucial role in putting together a spiritual community, called koinonia. Through a close examination of an unpublished collection of letters between Agostino Biamonti (1897-1924), Raffaello Niccoli (1897-1977) and Mario Niccoli (1904-1964), the author is able to trace aims, projects and books circulating among the members of this spiritual community, and to prove how a variety of cultural and religious identities could combine within the koinonia.

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