Partigianeria e partigianeria legittima: a proposito di «Il fascismo e la razza» di Giorgio Israel

ANNO 51 2010
Roberto Finzi

Partisanship and legitimate partisanship: on Giorgio Israel’s Il fascismo e la razza
Israel’s essay reviewed by Finzi (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2010) is a book on an important topic that largely incorporates the earlier volume by Israel and Nastasi, Scienza e razza nell’Italia fascista (Bologna, Il Mulino, 1998). Finzi points out that Israel’s essay is essentially a long pamphlet in which the author, to support his preconceived ideas, uses heavily selected bibliography and historical data, and in some cases even falsifies events well known to historians. In short – to use a categorization illustrated by Eric Hobsbawm many years ago – this is a case of «illegitimate partisanship».

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