Ramón de Salas e le idee di riforma sociale nel tardo Illuminismo spagnolo

ANNO 51 2010
Jesús Astigarraga

Ramón de Salas and the ideas of social reform in the late Spanish Enlightenment
The eighteenth century was without doubt a period in which Spain witnessed a period of relative modernisation. A late generation of enlightenment emerging during the 1780s and 1790s began to claim a set of wider and deeper reforms than those demanded by previous generations of the Spanish enlightened. This issue was particularly significant in economic and political spheres. Ramón de Salas’ work, still formally unpublished, is an illustrative example of this reformism. During the second half of the 1780s, as a distinguished Professor at the University of Salamanca, Salas penned an enormous work in which he carried out a wide-ranging and thoroughgoing criticism of A. Genovesi’s Lezioni di Commercio. This article overviews their profound differences on social issues.

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