Siena 1318: la congiura di «carnaioli», notai e magnati contro il governo dei Nove

ANNO 52 2011
Valentina Costantini

Siena 1318: the revolt of the city’s butchers against the government of the Nine
During the 14th century, Siena’s butchers set in montion three revolts against the city government. Certainly, although the most famous occurred against the Nine in 1318, this government, despite its long duration (1287-1355), faced serious forms of political dissent on more than one occasion. The city’s guilds, even the strong one of butchers and animal dealers, had no access to the government, although they were not formally excluded from it. However, butchers’ rebellions cannot be considered artisans’ or workers’ revolts, because the butchers always acted jointly with judges, notaries and powerful magnates – and not only against the government of the Nine. Starting from the so-called 1318 rebellion, current research is studying Sienese butchers and their conspiracies throughout the 14th century.

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