Socialismo, antifascismo e tirannie degli anni Trenta. Note sull’amicizia tra Carlo Rosselli ed Elie Halévy

ANNO 53 2012
Marco Bresciani

Socialism, antifascism and tyrannies in the 1930s. Notes on the friendship between Carlo Rosselli and Elie Halévy

This article deals with the personal and intellectual friendship between the Italian

antifascist militant Carlo Rosselli (1899-1937), founder of the revolutionary movement «Giustizia e Libertà» and the French scholar Elie Halévy (1870-1937), historian of the English people and of European Socialism between nineteenth and twentieth century. In the 1930s, while Rosselli was in exile in Paris, they had an intense dialogue on socialism, antifascism and tyrannies (especially Fascist and Soviet). This article tries to explain why, in spite of their growing disagreements on Soviet communism, they continued to face off until Rosselli’s murder, focussing on their common antifascist perspective.


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